Africa’s Most Interesting Shop

One of Carl Sagan’s most famous quotes is “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. This therefore has to be Africa’s Most Interesting Shop.



Mystery Karaoke Released


After just over 1 millions years of working on it, we have finally released our debut album: Mystery Karaoke

Its a trip through the world of psychedelic funk music (as we have chosen to define it) with pinches of other genres to bring out the aroma. To listen to the album, click on the link above, the monkey on the right or even here, or here.

If you like it, download it. If you REALLY like, then please buy it.

Most of this music comes the minds Mike, Jeff and Dave. We owe a lot to Ali who did the singing and re-arranging of Androids and Angels and created some of the awesome keyboard parts and melodies.

Big thank yous go to Chris, Brent and Jolanta who have also contributed to the final album and the One Mighty Atom sound along the way.

And finally, if you listen closely, you can hear Cobus faintly in the background in Androids and Angels.

A well hung astronaut?

Be were of the dog?


The backwards question mark clearly shows that we should be more worried about this.

Gig Announcement

We’re back on the road… to Kyalami to play at the Cool Inc Tattoo Expo 2012.

Its on Friday 24th August 2012

Sometime late afternoon.

Her Majesty’s Venue,¬†279 Champion Street,¬†Midrand

map ->

Pumpkin Head


Now you may know the original movie, but I prefer this guy we found in Tzaneen.

Pumpkinhead Trailer

Some Old Gig Posters

Here are some pics from the archives. Old gig posters: