The Humble Beginnings

It’s a little understood aspect of our vastly complicated universe, but wormholes do exist and have been known to directly affect people here on earth. Humans have been sucked into wormholes throughout our history and no-one is immune: kings, slaves, celebrities and nutritionist. We are all equally susceptible to this spiralling vortex from the unknown.

In this particular incident, late on a Sunday afternoon while the “disciples” were carefully tending their cycad collection, a spiralling vortex from the unknown sucked them up and deposited them on a deep space sanitation outpost in the outer reaches of the bacon quadrant, some time in the future. The exact date is not known as the wormhole time dilation calculations are really tricky, but its about 2027.

It was there, stuck in the outer reaches of space they were befriended by the One Mighty Atom: Intergalactic space traveller, crime fighter, minstrel and Amway representative. Through the One Mighty Atoms teaching the disciples learned how to be one with the greatness of all things, they learned the name of the dangly bit at the back of the throat and they learned how to knit. They also learned to play the great One Mighty Atom’s songs. Songs from the heart. Of space.

Who are the One Mighty Atom’s Disciples (OMAD)?

The OMADs are 4 hard working cycad lovers forced together by a quantum anomaly in a story worthy of its own reality TV show. However it is story that is sadly only represented in this small part of the Internet.

They disciples are O’Jeff,Mike, Ali and Dave. (OMAD – geddit?)


This picture of the OMADs (circa 1975) shows their involvment with the Cycadelic Funk Movement from the very beginning.



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